Friday, September 12, 2014

See what I did!

Hi all.  I just have to show you what I did with my butterfly ZIA...I copied the B&W one on a lighter watercolor paper and then used my iridescent watercolor paints to give it color.  I decided to post it on a local web site.  They had a classified section and I just on a whim, posted it there, for sale.  I had a response the next morning from a woman who wanted to buy it!  By then, my husband had already made a mat for it.  She said that she would pay the extra money for the matting.  I have since, gotten 2 more orders for the butterflies!  I love the idea of printing out the B&W and painting that.  It leaves the original, untouched!

The pic hasn't been cropped or matted yet so There are some pencil marks on the top and warped lines from the scan.  These have all disappeared after it was matted.

Here is another new ZIA that I made using a rubber stamp, for the face.  The rays are done freehand.

This particular tile was made for a swap.  The theme was sun.

I hope you enjoy seeing my new work.

Until next time...