Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy New Year

Hi all.  It has been quite a while since I last posted.  I have been very busy working on my Christmas cards, my Zentangle projects, singing concerts and lots of parties!  I am posting some of the work that I have done in the past few months...

I have started pressing leaves and flowers to see what kind of impression I can get.  
I then tangle the leaf.  The color is natural from the leaf.  I have made some into cards. 

 This is jus a random Zentangle that I colored and made into a card.

 These Zen Gems were from a class that I did.  It is hard to figure out which is the 
teacher and which is the student.  I'm not even sure if I remember, LOL!

This is another pressed leaf.  I love how the natural color turned out! 

 I was feeling like I was running around in circles and this just came out...

Just playing around with a purple ZenGem and some different tangling.

I did this horse from a template by Ben Kwok for a friend that loves horses. 

This is another template from Ben Kwok that was a Mandala.  I turned it into a 
Zendala with different colored gems.  It is really beautiful in person!

 I purchased some open stamps that I could tangle.  I did this one with
black and brown Microns and a white gel pen. 

Another Ben Kwok template of an antique shoe.  I decided to do the
buttons in green gems to give it character. 

This is just a tile that I did to play around with some patterns.  
I did this as an Swap Bot exchange.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest work.  As I mentioned, I have been very busy.  
Hopefully, I will not wait this long to post again!

Till next time...