I offer classes in Zentangle®.  I give private lessons, 
or in small groups.  The sessions will be given either at my home or yours, depending on how many people are attending.  Each session will be approximately 2-2½ hours.  If you sponsor a group of 2 or more other people, you will be eligible for a gift for yourself.

What you will need
You will not need to bring anything, except yourself.  
Be sure to wear something comfortable.  
You want to be able to relax.

What is the cost?
The cost for the initial class is $35.00 pp.  This fee includes all supplies to use in class, as well as a few extra tiles to work on at home.  There will also be a surprise in each "goody" bag.  Certain classes will be less money if there are no extra supplies needed.  If so, is important to bring your kits to any class that does not need a new kit or set of supplies.

What will I learn?
In the first class, you will learn about the background of Zentangle and the difference between Doodling and Zentangle and why Zentangle is so good for you and your health!  You will learn how to start your tile and where to go from there.  
You will also learn 6-8 tangles.  

What's next?
There will be follow-up classes where you will learn more tangles, learn how to use different colored tiles and how to use digital images and rubber stamps.  You can also learn ways in which to color your art and make beautiful ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art).  
I will also teach you how to see patterns and "invent" your own tangles.  You can learn how to make and tangle a mandala to make it a Zendala.  There is much more!  

Now teaching a class on Zen Gems.  Learn how to make realistic looking gems in conjunction with your Zentangles.  People won't believe that they are only 2 dimensional because they look so real!
Several media types will be used.

Where can I get more supplies?
I will be selling products and taking orders for more supplies. 

What if I need more information?
You can call me anytime:  
352-350-2511 (H)
 561-307-1368 (C)
Or, you can email me @ gobarb26@aol.com

Home - Hosted Zentangle® Class with 

Barbara Burgess, 

    Certified Zentangle Teacher                 

I enjoy teaching home-hosted Zentangle classes. Here are some important things to consider:

  • The maximum number of participants is 8-10, depending on your set up.  It is important to have enough room for everyone to see the board and to make sure there is adequate lighting.  Children 12 and older may be included in an adult group.
  • Class is 2.5 - 3 hours in length and is the same instruction provided in my “public” classes. In this class students will complete two paper ‘tiles’ and learn about 6-8 ‘tangles’ or patterns, while learning the process and philosophy of Zentangle. There is a brief break midway through the class.
  • This is a class.  While Zentangle is fun to do, it is a hands-on activity requiring  concentration.
  • Cost is $35 per person, which includes a “class kit”, containing all supplies necessary for the class (and some extra goodies).  The hostess will receive a gift for getting the people to come.  Payment must be paid before the start of the class.  Cash or check is acceptable.  Check should be made out to:  Barbara Burgess.  Please be thoughtful and let your hostess know if you will not be attending the class.  We are counting on you to be there.  
  • Space requirements:
  • Dining table or other table(s) so all students can be comfortably seated (need enough elbow room to be able to  write/draw without bumping)
  • I bring a flip-chart and stand, so I require enough space at one end of the table to set up easel.
  • I request permission to bring retail items for display and sale. I am not a pushy salesperson, but do like to have supplies and books available for students. This also requires display space.
  • Food and Drink -  this is a busy class, with little time to socialize. Eating while learning is not recommended. Therefore a small snack like plate of cookies, or a bowl of munchies with tea/coffee and water at break is fine, but nothing elaborate, please.  Closed water bottles are acceptable to keep at the table.
  • I plan to arrive 30-45 minutes before class start time in order to set up.

Please call or email me in advance of your anticipated date to make arrangements. email: gobarb26@aol.com  My phone numbers are: 
352-350-2511 (H)    561-307-1368 (C)

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

If you have a larger group and would like to have me 
do a program, please contact me to discuss the details and price.

"Learning Zentangle from Barb Burgess has been a great new adventure!  She is a capable instructor, encouraging her students, and teaching so each can succeed.  She listens to what your needs are and guides instruction in that direction.  She also has tools needed for various projects and can sell you supplies specific to those needs which saves you time shopping.

I've learned that Zentangle is forgiving and there are no mistakes. Hard to believe,  isn't it? But it is true! When I do  Zentangle, I've also experienced the "zen" part, the relaxing part, where I can easily lose track of time. When stressed I now now crave time to just do Zentangle to unwind. I'm using Zentangle projects now  for my home and for gifts for others. Thank you , Barb, for teaching me and awakening this relaxing and enjoyable new interest."

Jan Carpenter

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  1. That's so cool.... and that answered my previous questions I just left on your blog, Lol. Since I'm in Oregon I guess one of your classes is out of the question. I will see what I can found though - maybe someone else in my area or online classes perhaps. :)